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There are NO second-class citizens in a truly equal community.

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Classy Conversations About Race in America

Okay with Being “Just Okay”

The day after sharing “Cozying Up to a Goal of  Comfort,” I was reflecting on the idea of setting a goal of “feeling comfortable while running/exercising” when a new realization hit me. Setting a goal of only feeling comfortable might seem like lowering expectations. If you stop striving to grow, expand, and make more; and…

Cozying Up to a Goal of Comfort

“If you’re not growing you are dying” embodies the American spirit of constantly bettering one’s self (Marrs, 2017). There are many wonderful benefits that stem from a proactive attitude. But, is this ever taken too far? Is it possible to live comfortably without growing? At my school we set goals of growth. Students should be…

To Teach, or To Entertain? What is the Purpose of the Text?

I have been laboring at building the text of my daughter Scarlet’s book, “Scarlet’s Superpower.” This past week I shared the first couple of pages of text with Scarlet… with mixed reviews.  First of all, she balked at the idea of including details that did not actually happen. I reminded her that this was fiction,…

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