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There are NO second-class citizens in a truly equal community.

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Classy Conversations About Race in America

Persephone Play

When you mention Greek Mythology in a 3rd grade classroom, students get all excited. They have heard some of the famous names, like Zeus and Poseidon. They might be familiar with Mount Olympus and the idea of characters (gods) having powers or being responsible for natural phenomenon. Very few have ever heard any of the…

May the 4th be with You: Symmetrical Starships

Today was May 4th… No, it was May THE Fourth! As in, “May the fourth be with you…” This meant the Polite Pirates (my students) simply had to do some Starwars-themed activities. In preparation for a fun puzzle project, I taught the Polite Pirates about symmetry. I told them that they would be drawing spaceships. They…

Compare & Contrast Zombie Poetry

There are certain lessons that come off so well that I can’t help writing about them. This is one of those. For several years I’ve used a zombie apocalypse theme (#ZombieApocalypseRoom207) to smash a few last-minute math lessons right before the Polite Pirates take their state-wide standardized assessment (PSSA). This theme is exciting and scary,…

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