About Me

Classy to the core, I strive to teach the whole #3rdGrade child @EPSDWillowLane. In addition to tech, academic pedagogy, social development, physical growth, and emotionally maturing, I believe a powerful and under-appreciated concept to teach children is manners; how to be classy. I am excited to share my thoughts, experiences, and hopes concerning this subject through this blog.

When I first began teaching eight years ago, I created a theme for my classroom that would be fun and subtly encourage good behavior. We were the “Polite Pirates”.  A couple of years later I began writing a classroom story incorporating the characters I use in my Polite Pirate tales. Captain Iron Knee, the head of the Polite Pirates bears many surprising similarities to me. He is handsome, dashing, and extremely intelligent, ha ha. img_2360

As I write this “About Me” page, January 5th, 2019, I have six chapters penned. Captain Iron Knee and his band of Polite Pirates just came in contact with his arch nemesis. Someday I’ll share the story through the blog. Until then, you should know that the captain’s mission is to rob people of bad manners. In this way he politely pirates cras behavior through modeling and sharing class. Can you handle the Iron Knee?

For more info about me, feel free to check out this page from my classroom website.